Banggood MD-Tech Pterosaur 1400

Dear Banggood,

This week I received my Pterosaur 1400 from the Czech department store, but had to find out when I unpacked that the carbon was partially cracked. I repaired the break point, assembled the aircraft and found out in the middle of the first flight that the ESC was no longer accepting gas (I was able to land a nice landing anyway).
The 5Volt output is still OK but the motor output is not and I can’t hear any sound from the ESC during startup.
During yesterday’s flight the potentiometer in the servo for the rudder broke during the flight, which caused the rudder to deflect fully until the plane hit the ground, I tried everything to crash but despite my eight years of experience it was impossible to crash prevent.
I am very angry about it because I actually wanted to make a review of the aircraft for YouTube and I liked it because of its good flight characteristics. Unfortunately, the failure of a servo in mid-flight absolutely speaks against the purchase of the PNP version.
I documented the damage to the plane:
You can find my Youtubechannel right here as well.

Such an incident is not only frustrating, it also weakens my trust in Banggod and the manufacturer.
After the review, I wanted to sell the plane but that is no longer possible because it is only a wreck.

How do we solve this problem now?

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