Review: Ranger EX from VolantexRC


  • Big space, durable UNIBODY design
  • Special airfoil design for carrying big weight
  • Compatible with most kind of camera mounting
  • Capability to carry Camera Gimbal
  • Quick, easy to assembly, no glow required
  • Light weight and durable EPO wing construction

IMAG1269The hinge mounting method is really durable

IMAG1299I like the design a lot. Looks like a semi(profesionell or even military) UAV.






IMAG1291The servos are not in the middle of the control surfaces which, due to the low torsional stiffness of EPO results in uneven trows.

IMAG1278Damage on the Rudder out the box

IMAG1277Scratches and fingerprinmts on the canopy out of box

IMAG1276A super soft crappy out of the box

IMAG1274There was not enough screws to get the landing working. BTW: Screws as shims are not the best solution for a landing

IMAG1273The Release of the htch isnt working properly.

IMAG1272Not enough screws for the tail assembly

IMAG1271Rudder and Elevator were torned off out the box

IMAG1372The landing gear is too far back  and therefore often causes a Nosedive

IMAG1374the tires are way too small





2 Responses to “Review: Ranger EX from VolantexRC”
  1. Tony Parker sagt:

    What is the dimensions of the spar? I lost mine and need to order a fiber rod. Many thanks.

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