Improvements for the new Bixler (V 3)

Let’s start at the nose:


On the bottom of the nose hole should not be, because it decreases the stability, increasing the likelihood that dirt gets into the body, increases air resistance.
In addition, the lipo no cooling needs in ordinary design of the components, in addition, each should decide for themselves whether they want a hole or not.


The lipo can not be pushed all the way forward because Styrofoam is in the way. In addition, the installation of the batteries with Velcro of the hill is difficult, a second hill is located below the canopy.


The tube on the underside of the fuselage is too  flexible.



The wingrod is too flexible as well.  In addition, the tube does not go to the wing tip, this results in wing flutter at higher load.  A bigger and higher Quality rod could be the solution especially if fly FPV with a GoPro or/and Autopilot.


Elevator strenghtening:

The Elevator airfoil and the Elevator as self is really wobbly.  Two small recess in the one pastes onto two carbon tubes would be the best solution.



The original Motormount isnt good. I recommend everyone to buy the smallcncparts Motor Mount. He is cheap, light and really well made.


wing attachment:

Through the central fastening the use of storage space and the implementation of the servo cable is very difficult. An attachment of the wings directly to the inside of the fusselage would be appropriate here.
2 Responses to “Improvements for the new Bixler (V 3)”
  1. hesinde2006 sagt:

    Thank you for your large Feedback

  2. Tom Benedict sagt:

    I agree about the ventilation hole. The dirt where I live is magnetic (volcanic), and it gets onto everything.

    I don’t know about including an adjustable motor mount. I’m running a stock motor and prop, and for me that’s fine. It’s not too hard to swap out, even on an ARF plane. Keep that for aftermarket.

    A CF rod in the horizontal stabilizer would be EXCELLENT! I had to add that to mine after cracking the tail in half.

    I also agree about the fuselage rod. The stock one would be better if it was glued in solidly. Mine cracked loose. Turns out there was almost no glue in there. GRRR!

    On the wings, a rectangular aluminum spar like the one on the Phoenix 2000 might be better. It’s extremely stiff, isn’t too expensive, and can take a solid round CF wing joiner.

    SOMETHING to solve the wing servo wires would be HUGE. I hate removing the wing on my Bixler 2. Next time I have it apart, I’m planning to install Multiplex connectors under the wing so I can plug the wing in after it’s installed.

    Also some other way to hold the wings in place. The little foam tabs with the screws just don’t work. The first time you cartwheel the plane, the tabs snap off. Either reinforce the tabs with plastic that extends out into the wing, or come up with some other way to hold the wings on. I’ve used tape and Velcro, both of which work well. But something more permanent would be good.

    In the documentation, please list CG locations as distance from the leading edge of the wing. After my second flight, the nose of my plane was almost half an inch shorter. If all measurements are taken off the nose of the plane, we’re basically not allowed to crash.

    Something to make the nose of the plane a little more crash-resistant would be nice, but not strictly necessary. Planes should be designed to fly, not crash. I’m willing to let this point go.

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